SMS Tracker


The SMS Tracker is a tool specially developed by mdex to check and track the switching and delivery status of SMS messages sent by our customers via the mdex SMS switching platform. Based on our many years of experience in the field of placement services, we can confirm that it happens from time to time that SMS are not delivered or are delivered with a delay. The SMS tracker helps our customers to get detailed information regarding the placement/delivery status. In the event of an error (e.g. non-delivery or unclear delivery status), you can send a ticket with your own ticket number directly from the SMS tracker to mdex support, from whom you will then receive further information or corresponding feedback if necessary.


First you have to log in to the mdex Management Portal mCOP_Logo_small.png with your user name and your personal password.

After successful login you will get to the main page of the SMS tracker via SMS MOVED TO... SMS Tracking, where you can search specifically for mediated SMS by restricting by:

  • contract codes
  • the sender phone number
  • the destination number
  • the date (day or larger period, e.g. month)
  • a destination country
  • a carrier (network operator)


Combinations of all the above restrictions are also possible.
If you do not specify a restriction, the search in the mdex referral database will be unfiltered.

If you want to correct your entries or delete them completely, press the Reset soft button.

To start the search, press the Start search soft button.

TIP Note: Your input regarding sender or recipient number will not be normalized, i.e. the input requires the same format as it was initiated, mediated and stored in the database. Try therefore e.g. "+4916....." instead of "016......" or vice versa, if no search result is displayed.

Display / evaluation

After you have started the query via Start search, you get the corresponding evaluation page (s). On this page, the individual switching records are displayed, with the sender number, the destination number, the (switching) date, the network operator name of the destination country, the destination country, an icon for the (delivery) status and the option to initiate an action (i.e. generate a ticket to mdex support) for each record. The output of the found placement records is anti-chronological; i.e. the most recent placement record first, the oldest last.

TIP Note: All times are based on UTC, the internal reference time in the mdex placement platform.

For an unrestricted search query, it may be useful to narrow the search to:

  1. ) shorten the search time and/or.
  2. ) minimize the number of records found.

If you hover your mouse over the delivery icon in the Status column, there are supplementary details via tool-tip.

TIP Note: When selecting by network operator name, additional information is assigned to it (e.g. the so-called MNC = Mobile Network Code). Due to different switching systems for our so-called +1 switching on the one hand and the other international destinations on the other hand, this additional information is not uniform.

For the +1 switching platform, so-called source carrier IDs (similar to TADIC or PLNM) are used, for the other international destinations the MNC. Mediations that could not be assigned to a specific network contain the statement unknown instead of the network information.

Delivery status

In the column status the mdex delivery status of the switched SMS is shown. The delivery information used is that transmitted to mdex by the respective SMSC; these may well differ and are explained again below:


status explanation
confirmed Here the delivery confirmation was sent by the delivery SMSC or the hand set
transfered This delivery confirmation means that the SMS has been transferred to the next SMSC on the mdex side; the final delivery confirmation may still be missing.
expired The delivery status expired or expired --- i.e. after several delivery attempts --- hides various reasons, such as Unknown subscriber or Service temporarily not available
rejected Most common reason for rejection is also here: Unknown subscriber
Not available The delivery status not available can also hide different reasons, such as Facility not provided or Unknown Subscriber.

If you have any questions or would like further delivery information, please contact mdex or the contact person(s) you know via ticket or direct contact.

Create ticket

An icon is also displayed in the Actions column via the tool tip, which you can use to create and send a ticket, possibly with your own internal ticket number, to mdex support: sms-tracker-ticket.png

Enter your request under Comment/Notes and send your request by pressing the Send Ticket soft button. You will then receive an automated response about the receipt of your request from the mdex support ticket system. The final answer will be provided by mdex with reference to the ticket number.

If you have any further questions, please contact our hotline or the mdex contact persons known to you.


Data protection

Regarding the max. data review, mdex adheres to the legal data protection regulations (typ. 90 days storage).

Output data records

To ensure clarity on the one hand and also not to overload queries on the other hand, the amount of output datasets has been limited to 2000 per query.


Your feedback

Even though this tool is now used by several customers, we still need your feedback for further improvements. Please don't hesitate to tell us about any problems or even bugs with this tool or any requests you may have. To do so, please contact either the mdex contact persons you know or our mdex support in general.