mdex Support ticket

If you have any questions or problems regarding our products, please open simply an mdex support ticket with your request.

ALERT! Important notes on handling confidential data.

Please observe the following rules for handling confidential data (e.g. passwords) so that they do not get to unauthorised third parties:
  • Please do not write sensitive data (e.g. passwords) in e-mails, but inform mdex customer support by telephone if necessary.
  • Do not attach any files to e-mails containing sensitive data in plain text. (e.g. passwords in configuration files, network diagrams, etc.).
  • Send requested files with confidential data (e.g. configuration files, network plans, etc.) as password-protected zip files in agreement with mdex customer support.
    1. Download the free sofware 7-Zip from and install it on your PC.
    2. Click on the desired file with the right mouse button, then select 7-Zip > Add to an archive....
    3. Enter a password agreed with mdex customer service under "Encryption" and click on OK.
    4. The file will now be saved as a password-protected zip file on your PC.
    5. Send this zip file as an e-mail file attachment.
  • As an alternative to password-protected files, you can also request a SharePoint login from us for secure file exchange.

How to open an mdex support ticket:

  1. Send an email to mail
    • Enter a brief description of your enquiry in the subject line
    • Give us as much information as possible for any queries:
      • Your company name
      • Your name
      • Your callback number
      • ALERT! If you are already an mdex customer, please tell us your customer code (M-XXX, or KXXXXX) or your contract number (VM-XXX-XXXX, or VXXXXX-XXX)
    • In case of reporting us a problem, the following additional information is helpful:
      • Which mdex device or SIM is affected (device name or IP address)?
      • Since when has the problem occurred?
      • What hardware do you use?
      • As detailed as possible description of the current problem
      • If relevant, the log file of the mdex router or control centre tunnel.

  2. You will receive a confirmation of receipt email with your ticket number after a few minutes.
    (For follow-up questions or to submit additional information, simply reply to this receipt confirmation email)

  3. The support ticket will be processed as quickly as possible by an mdex employee. If we have any queries, we will get back to you.
    TIP The more details in your request, the faster we can process your request.