Important hints to handle confidential data

Please observe the following rules for handling confidential data (e.g. passwords) so that they do not get to unauthorised third parties:
  • Please do not write sensitive data (e.g. passwords) in e-mails, but inform mdex customer support by telephone if necessary.
  • Do not attach any files to e-mails containing sensitive data in plain text. (e.g. passwords in configuration files, network diagrams, etc.).
  • Send requested files with confidential data (e.g. configuration files, network plans, etc.) as password-protected zip files in agreement with mdex customer support.
    1. Download the free sofware 7-Zip from and install it on your PC.
    2. Click on the desired file with the right mouse button, then select 7-Zip > Add to an archive....
    3. Enter a password agreed with mdex customer service under "Encryption" and click on OK.
    4. The file will now be saved as a password-protected zip file on your PC.
    5. Send this zip file as an e-mail file attachment.
  • As an alternative to password-protected files, you can also request a SharePoint login from us for secure file exchange.